Sunday, January 22, 2012

What If

If I knew my life’s purpose
what’s in store?
what if is the question
can I ask one more?
If I knew what I was meant to do
I wouldnt waste time
If all I could fit everything I want to say
In one line
I wouldn’t waste so much paper
save one tree at a time.
what if I wasn’t born in India
And I wasn’t color blind
I was racist
eradicating natives,
What if I could read people’s mind
know their true motives
What if Gandhi was a soilder
Rather than a messenger of peace
what if british raj continued
we trying find the missing piece,
What if success
wasn’t measured by money in your bank
or the car you drove,
but by how much love
to and fro,
What if I never came to Canada
and the struggle added
nothing to my character,
what if I had more business sense
than talent,
If I had one wish
and I could save the planet,
what if i could tell
I have a nasal piercing
What if we can’t let
emotions overwhelm us
and hold the tears in,
if I wasn’t a needle in a haystack,
if there was a rewind button
on my life’s playback,
But no regrets
so how could I say that,
what if love was more
than a four letter word
if it really meant
something in today’s world
not mere limited to poems
writings on the greetings
what if you could back
it matching feelings
what if I couldn’t write this
just keep it in my mind
and wouldn’t be labeld selfish*

Welcome aboard

These verses are like a journey
And I am your tour guide
Show you around the city
Talk about the inner beauty
Glimpses into the history
Only stop for refreshments
No complaints
Consider yourself blessed
Next one is a steep one
Hold on to the handle bars
No tips at the end
Wish you could come again
Let me if you can’t hear me at the back
I can scream louder
I hope you are carrying the map
There is washroom on the bus
So hold on to that
Keep you arm inside
Or you might blame it on the guide
Show all the places famous
And some others just nameless
The impact of it on the culture
And why do we nurture
This is the city square
Watch your wallet
Yes, they do dare
This road leads to somewhere
I don’t really know,
Nobody really goes there
But I will take you there
I aint trying to be modest
Where else would you find
A guide this honest
Hand in Hand
I shall lead
Help others among us
Who need
Here’s a little souvenir
You can keep that
but before you do that
Here fill out the form
For Feedback


Life is not a destination
Its a journey
Can I signup for the monthly pass?

If I ever fall

if I ever fall short
take it in my stride
start again
like single player
coz I know
there is only one way up
like ski lifts
but you can fall
like avalanche
I am just trying to
be logical
and anything is possible
but success is psychological

God is...

I see the mosaic leaves
And I think,
God has to be an artist,
When its autumn,

Then I am feeling rock bottom,
And I listen to the silence,
With the waves,
And at times when the birds chirp,
And I think God has to be a DJ

Then I see all the Violence,
And makes me think otherwise,
But my God doesn’t sleep

I pray every night,
Read the word,
And see the next day,
How He works,
Makes me think
God has to be a magician,

The volcano, the floods
The famine,
And then you see His fury,
Reminding of our duty,
God has to be a teacher

Then a great man said,
God is Truth
And so I seek,
The future looks bleak,
The grey clouds gather,
But on second look I find,
They come with a silver lining
And I get on my knees,
This life is redefined then.
God has to be the weatherman.

I see a mother and her son,
I see unconditional love,
And I now know for sure,
God is love,

I travel seven seas,
To find Him
And now I find,
God is inside me
Who am I to say?
Who God is…?

Half Poem

The angels can't have it,
This sentiment is human,
What good are wings for?
If you can't feel the wind on your face,
This feeling isn't democratic,
But can make it to every king's wish list,
Every day dreamer wishes for,
A realist's reprise,
The line that is pushed,
For the wishes to bloom,
Turn back the arms of the clock,
Who could have known the joy in learning,
Stand back and read,
Behold! the jealously of mediocre minds,
For this art is a dream
Dare not awake the demons.


The tears have melted
And returned to the streams
And streams into falls.

For those

For those willing to sacrifice,
I am nice,
But, others pay the price.

For those who are wise,
Take my advice,
Identify the truth from the lies.

For those who put faith in Christ,
The words will suffice,
But, others throw the dice.

For those willing to rise,
Break the ice,
But, others choose your vice.

For those with dreams in their eyes,
Play your cards right,
But, others throw high fives.

For those willing to sacrifice,
My patience has a price,
But, others say I am nice.

Good Night

There are dreams
And there are dreams,
That fuel the passion,
The rest all are nightmares.

Worth More

Tell me what are these words worth
Is it just me?
That these daffodils look so good,
Or is it Wordsworth?


With every line written,
All I have given,
These rhymes nothing more,
Than self made prison,
Trying to avoid tunnel vision,
The pen that left crimson,
The petals of emotion,
The decals of wisdom,
Rip apart
Like faint heart,
This aint art.
This dirt on my shoes,
Aint wishing for me to loose,
Every step taken,
The pages left brazen,
True rhymes feel like a haven,
For the endangered species of the kingdom,
I aint talking about reading between the lines,
I am talking about freedom.

I never said it would be easy to love me

There's so much on my mind,
Couldn't say all that in a line,
Keep you begging for more,
This love ain't unconditional,
I am an enigma in its very essence,
Even in my absence, you can feel the presence,
I can make you feel like top of the world,
And bring you down the next second,
Keep you guessing,
I can assure you, you haven't met anybody like me,
And if you have, it was me, more than likely,
It could take a lifetime to know me,
Still remain an untold story,
Sorry for all the mood swings, it wasn't me,
Its the two colors on my mood ring,
Sorry for all the drama that I do bring,
Of all the things I hate, there are just two things,
The people who can't do what they say,
And the people who can't do what they say,
I get mad at things you would least expect,
And still I never lost your respect,
I am like the calm before the storm and after it,
Leave you destructed and you never asked for it,
Then come back to count the casualties,
Like it wasn't my fault, actually,
I am quite like the silent thunder,
Thrill you if you dare to wander,
There are 2 sides of each coin,
The sides keeps changing,
My closet needs re arranging
I am full of paradoxes,
But like the wind you can't box me,
I don't like the way things must be,
I never said it would be easy to love me*


I get lonelier each time,
You go away,
If I had one wish,
I wouldn't let you go away,
But things are getting complicated,
I hope I could find a way,
Today I couldn't talk much,
We can't always have our way,
I wish I could have known your,
Lot sooner than I have,
But then I feel I have known,
you since ever, even though I haven't ,
And feel the butterflies,
May be coz its spring,
Or is it,
That we have a thing,
Not treat you
Like a fling,
Coz if it was
I wouldn't feel special,
And we are just friends,
So what is it that has got me to think*


So tell me
what the meaning of struggle
I said its beautiful
now it seems ugly
I thought I walked the mountains
thinking otherside
would be lovely
I thought I won
disappointment greeted
sore losers then
why do I hold this pen
like a grudge
swam seven seas
to get away
from the rage of the river
like circling moths
not knowing
the day is still to come
I thought I got
only to realize
I was praying all this
while to the wrong God
But I know
faith has nothing to do
with religion
I am trying to split
the seas
no dreams
blinding my stares
just gaze at the four walls
looking for
visions from the Lord

Flower Bed

staring at the ceiling for hours
like I am fallin on the bed of flowers
with thorns,
my last wish,
may the flowers
be roses


_I wrote it down
just to remember
in case
you ever forget,
I wrote it on the ceiling
just so that
you can read it
before you go to sleep,
I thought
you slept with lights on
but I was wrong.... contd_


I wish I could put down,
In words
What I feel,
But words are just words
They can never express what I feel,
And feelings change,
Just memories remain,
And overtime,
Memories fade
like the dark circles
under my eyes...


the itch was so bad
that I scratched till it bled,
I felt so much pain,
that I cut till it was dead,
and your love was so good,
I loved till it hurt,
And life is short,
what's the measure of its worth?


So many things to do,
So little time,
24 hours ain't enough,
The wish to be the first,
I want to end my thirst,
at a fountain,
I want to climb the mountain,
which has no peak,
And I came so far
Just on belief...


If it wasn’t for this pen,
My whole present would be spent,
With lost souls,
Finding peace with consoles,
Would I be able to bear the onslaught,
Only God knows,
But all I muster is false hope,
Coz my audience lesser than dog shows,
No skull or crossed bones,
Only dive deeper than the bottom of the glass,
My bottle has been smashed,
After few shots it all makes sense,
Don’t bother with the blend,
Keep pace with the bleeding pen,
My only weeping friend,
the feelings won’t matter,
coz the hope gets lost, and the dream shatter*

Untitled(suggest title)

You can only dream of
places I have been
All the things
I did for my family,
All they did,
instead of helping me,
Is trying to
put sense in me,
When I come to a point
Where I am
about to plead insanity,
A room of variances,
Out of body experiences,
Mental orgasms,
Heart full of spasms,
The ones
my past couldn’t fathom,
This ain’t a struggler’s anthem,
But I can’t help but,
And I can’t undermine,
That I felt heaven,
At least on my fingertips,
I found hope,
At the brink of disbelief,
Don’t blame the postman,
If you put the wrong address,
Life is a bitch,
depending on how you dress her,
Let the broken glass,
Mess up the dresser,
Rosewood, Redwood, any wood,
If I could I would,
The more I clench my fists,
the more sand I loose,
But I choose not to,
just my screws,
My life is like a travelogue,
No just ticket needed just travel along,
Like a broken pen and a moleskin,
A DSLR and an eye to watch closely,
No backpacker,
Just a bad actor,
Modern day rye catcher,
Self financer ,
A mere puppet on the string,
That life hangs by,
finding questions to some bad answers,
Putting up with bad promise makers,
When a promise may curse,
Life is just a makeshift,
Life is what you make it,
Or make of it*

Only Me

In the life we live
each passing wind
scars the heart
to give it the shape it takes
some scars are hard to heal,
some scars you don't want to heal,
some feelings are hard to kill
a mark so precise,
you know the touch,
a breath so close,
no need to rush,
a petal to pick,
only I could love u so much.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Piece of Mind 2012

Through emotions that brim,
My devotion is deep,
For every instance that I sleep,
I am glad we made it through,
Few shattered cell phones,
No broken glasses known,
Few broken dreams I am trying to collect,
Watching golden sunsets,
Not yet,
But I have no regrets,
I traded pain, for highs and lows,
Till the time froze,
This is the life I chose,
Through poetry and prose,
You, my only outlet,
From the outset,
To vent my frustrations,
My guide through strange nations,
And my vague patience,
My stronghold through age races,
Can't escape when my face makes it,
Appear so clear,
My only near and dear,
When I least made sense,
Sorry, When I saw past your every defense,
And my every pretence,

Glass with wine and incense,
Travels with no nonsense,
All this traded for a today,
For which I have nothing to say,
But a better tomorrow,
Not a promise that is hollow,
Don't worry, In time,
I will make your miseries mine,
Beyond a diamond ring,
And everything,
That has a place and time,
No words to define,
God sent, Something so divine,
To share my life,
Empower you with the title of wife,
Beginning to renew,
I understand your point of view,
All the things we have been through,
Ineffable tears that ran through,
The valleys of disappointments
Memories and moments,
And all this,
Against my parents wish*

Thursday, February 03, 2011


Revolution will not be televised,
The same way television will not be revolutionized,
Thats why I use this pen,
The revolution in my hand,
A generation cannot be defined,
What is a definition of a generation?
Where do we draw the line?
I am trying to push the line,
Mold it into words,
Never get over this crush
Unlike a high school infatuation,
Look again, in fact what you are facing, 
Deeper than my dead skin,
My heart racing,

Genuinely, I am in love,
All my love in genuine plus all of the above*


If it wasn't for this pen,
My whole present would be spent,
With lost souls,
Finding peace with consoles,
Would I be able to bear the onslaught,
Only God knows,
But all I muster is false hope,
Coz my audience lesser than dog shows,
No skull or crossed bones,
Only dive deeper than the bottom of the glass,
My bottle has been smashed,
After few shots it all makes sense,
Don't bother with the blend,
Keep pace with the bleeding pen,
My only weeping friend,
the feelings won't matter,
coz the hope gets lost, and the dream shatter*

Monday, July 26, 2010


beyond the three words,
or any word could describe,
no time or space can decide,
beyond the cliches
of love poems,
or the ring which
I can take off every time I shower,
Or calls I wait for
every hour,
beyond the loyalty,
if words could deceive,
not conditional,
but a joy to receive,
no wasting time,
no foreplay of sacrifice of mortal flowers,
no wall of promises,
that towers,
over all that makes sense,
no I am not talking
about no strings attached,
no messages
no pressure of trying
to match the party wear,
no matter where I go,
you are always partly there,
a voice
so unmistakable,
share a bond
so unbreakable*

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

These Times

All these times we spend together,
Seems we were meant to be together,
All these beautiful moments,
I wish I could hold on to them,
But I let them go,
Knowing there are better ones to come,
All the smiles and frowns,
All this tickling and fiddling,
These moments more precious than gold,
We will remember when we get old,
Warmth of your touch,
Gleam in your eyes,
All the lies I have told,
So that I can get to see you,
My moment of clarity when I really need you,
I wish I could have found you sooner,
But no regrets,
Coz just to know I have you,
I know I m not lucky, I m blessed,
And I wonder will you stay the same
Through rain and clouds,
Whether I am humble or proud,
I know I act weird at times,
Not clear in mind,
But no matter what may come,
I will forever be there for you,
Love you and care for you,
You take me to places I have never been,
Or I have ever seen,
That place is like a sanctum to me,
And I want you to walk with me,
Talk with me,
Same way as these times*

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More Than You Think You Are

I knew it from the start,
It wasn’t gonna be easy,
But since my birth I have been following my heart,
May be I was born to struggle,
Been there and still doing it,
All the battles I survived,
Somebody was there to ruin it,
But I need them to put me down,
The failures only made me stronger,

I stay focused, don’t let my thoughts wander,
God’s favorites have a hard time,
Now when I look back at all the years past,
The purpose of all this struggle,
I find answers to all the questions I asked,
You reap what you sow,
But you also gotta nurture and water,
Keep doing your thing,
All the small talk shouldn’t really bother,
I know there will be times,
When you will doubt yourself,
But hurdles teaches you things
you don’t know about yourself,
God has a weird sense of humor,
And you gotta be patient,
Give up your vices,
Give up time wasting,
There’s much to achieve,
So much that can be done,
All that you need is inside you,
Where else can you get inspiration from,
The light at the end of the tunnel isn’t that far,
Coz you are,
More than you think you are*

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Fight Continues

So many people around the world,
Waiting for a savior to descend,
Some one who can guide them,
Take away their miseries,
I wish it was me,
But each one of us,
Has been granted this power,
To rise above the person next to us,
We don't need a savior,
The power is within us,
For all the believers,

If we each play our part,
We can each have our Adidas,
If we each make a point,
To do whatever little we can,
I know we put our selves in their shoes,
We can find the impetus,
Way is there, all we need is the will,
We even have the intellect,
We don't even have to go there,
We have the internet,
This is an urge, This is my request,
This is my prayer,
For the hungry to the world,
I don't write without a cause,
But for me, this is more than a cause,
Just think if what if it was one of yours,
For you, this might be news,
But the fight against hunger continues.........

White Carpet

So I wake up,
Feeling the chills,
Get on with the routine,
Doing my thing,
Then take a peek outside,
And I see the splendor,
Of God's Creation,
Its that time again,
No, its not the sun,
Blinding my eyes,
No, its not the greens,
That soothe my senses,

Its that time,
The birds fly south for,
Its that time,
The squirrels gather nuts year round for,
Its that time,
That makes Christmas so special,
I am delighted to see it again,
As if the Father is gonna descend,
And the earth is covered with
A White Carpet

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Already Mine

I thought I would send you love letters,
But the post seldom works good,
Thought I would say sweet things to you,
But words are only words,
Thought I would send you flowers,
But they dry,
Thought I would do nice things for you,
But you like to do things for me,
Shower you with gifts and diamonds,
But nothing is as good, as to give to you,
Take you to vacation on an island,
Just you and me, But I aint that rich yet,
Do everything for you,
But I don't need to impress you,
Because you are....

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Stay There

Let me stare into those eyes,
And let me get lost,
All the love I see in them,
Makes me wanna stay there*

Walk With Me

Walk with me,
Talk to me,
So that I may know,

I m so used to walking alone,
All this seems surreal,
So just hold my hand,
So that I may know,
That you are still here,

Take me to the other side,
Where its just you and me,

Its me against the world,
But with you
I feel invincible,
My feelings are true,
Even though its just words that I scribble,

No one can even come close,
Compared to what you are to me,

This life is hard,
It gets dark sometimes,
If I ever lose hope,
Be my guiding light,
I don't need anybody else,
I just want you,
To walk with me*