Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Fight Continues

So many people around the world,
Waiting for a savior to descend,
Some one who can guide them,
Take away their miseries,
I wish it was me,
But each one of us,
Has been granted this power,
To rise above the person next to us,
We don't need a savior,
The power is within us,
For all the believers,

If we each play our part,
We can each have our Adidas,
If we each make a point,
To do whatever little we can,
I know we put our selves in their shoes,
We can find the impetus,
Way is there, all we need is the will,
We even have the intellect,
We don't even have to go there,
We have the internet,
This is an urge, This is my request,
This is my prayer,
For the hungry to the world,
I don't write without a cause,
But for me, this is more than a cause,
Just think if what if it was one of yours,
For you, this might be news,
But the fight against hunger continues.........


Jessica said...

I love this poem-and the previous ones too. how i wish to also be the hero-but we all can't be the one to save the world, some of us gotta do it the hard way. and im still sad that u haven't told me what i truly wish to now. :(

Sergio said...

I remember. How are you? I took a year to edit my poetry and it proved to be a wise move. 13 of my poems have been published, or are pending publication, in 6 different Literary Journals. Good luck.