Friday, September 07, 2007

Pain Killer( Feels like Love)

She smells like flower,
Tastes like honey,
Her touch is magic,
Now finally the days are sunny,
She kisses me softly,
Holds me gently,
I can't get enough of her,
And I m like God help me,
I can't stop kissing her,
Her lips so tempting,

We talk so much but its not enough,
And I want her so bad
the wait is worth it,
And when she leaves I feel so sad,
then I hate waiting
Makes me forget all the pain,
Gives me reason to live,
Makes me wanna change,
For the better,
Knowing at least someone cares,
When I m with her the time flies,
Her nails through my hair,
Her breath clashing mine,
Feels what my eyes want to say,
All this when,
Next to her I lay,
Doesn't let me drink enough,
But she doesn't know
I m already high from her sugar kisses,
How can I let her go?
Her touch is addictive,
Now I know theres mercy above,
I don't know what you call this
But it feels like love*

1 comment:

Neha said...

u in love?