Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Beyond the relations that can be named

I don't know what is it about you,
I ain't your lover,
Nor am i trying to be one,
But don't blame me
if i become,

No its not your eyes.
that i m crazy bout,
are we friends?
something i really doubt,
coz you never ever call
As if i expect
I think sometimes you are unfair,
But all due respect
I can't say there's something
about you i really like,
but when i talk to you
it really feels nice.

No i ain't rich,
But if u ever need something just ask,
I do wanna ask you something
don't forget me so fast,
But above all , all i want from you,
is for you to be happy always,
I don't care what you do, what you do.

I wanna see you everyday,
But I know somethings just can't happen,
just so that you know,
I think of you every second.

I thought I would buy you flowers,
But they would dry,
So I wrote down these words,
Coz they wouldn't lie.

I hope you get everything you want,
enjoy, have fun, stay the same,
But what I share with u is,
Beyond the relations that can be named*

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Neha said...

y did u deleted my comment???