Tuesday, September 04, 2007

You, Not Someone like you

No, I ain't saying
I haven't met someone like you,
Its just that
I haven't met someone like you,
Words are lost,
And I ain't even tryin,
Its like theres a string
we are connected by,
An unbroken chord,
An unspoken bond,
I don't even talk so much,
and you still get the message,
Now what you call this,
I don't even wanna go there,
OK, So I lied,
I m lost in your thoughts,
And I don't even wanna come back,
keep me grounded,
If I ever fall,

I don't even do drugs,
And I feel addicted,
Its like all the pain shifted,
I have been so alone,
I think I get carried away,
But then again,
I know if one is worth wasting my time,

You call and I ain't got
Nothing to say,
As if I don't know
What to say
All I know
I wanna be with
You, not someone like you*

1 comment:

Neha said...

dis poem is out of the world...love dis