Friday, July 28, 2006


All I need,
is one pen,
One pad, to write,
One friend, I can trust,
One God,
One Prayer,
That is answered,
One tear,
Someone can wipe,
One smile,
I could give this life for,
One sun,
To shine my way,
One lie,
I can take it as truth,
One house,
Better yet,
One room,
But four walls,
All I need is
I can call my own,
One eye,
To see the truth,
One hope,
I will make it to heaven,
One son,
To make me proud,
One dollar,
So that I ain't broke,
One year,
To get my life together,
One wish,
That is granted,
One God Bless,
Before I m dead,
One chance,
If I can make this worth it,
One more chance,
To do it again*

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