Friday, June 30, 2006

What 2 say!

What 2 say!
What to write
Words are so useless,
No help even from a newsflash,
I just keep everything inside,
All you need is insight,
to know a person,
Life is like I m moving the mouseBut not the cursor,
Its a system failure, may be,
So all this coz I m crazy,
Eyes never lie,
And ontop of that they never try,
Can't you read my eyes,
Sun is blocked by the high rise,
You can see only if you want to,
But heart break is something
I have been prone to,
Incognito and unknown too,
Looking back now look what we have grown to,
Do I need to say,
Anything today,
Actions speak louder than words,
No matter how do they come,
Some people are prouder than some,
No I don't believe everything you told me,
I m the wind nothing can hold me,
Till 6 feets fold me,
Calenders change so will we,
May be then I wouldn't speak so freely,
Love is not verbal,
Use of figures of speech is not a hurdle,
But then we will come full circle
Its back to
What to say*

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