Friday, October 26, 2007

Powers That Be

power is in poetry, paper n people.
by paper i mean money,
but many of them write so worthless,
and they waste it,
then they say recycle, save trees,
and they are least concerned
about what i m tryin to say here,
they wanna know what my name means.

by poetry i mean words,
spoken n written,
but damn sure not bitten,
turn faces crimson,
spreading wisdom,
now combine that with beats
thats what i call built to kill,
but u can find words n then you say you got skills,
so i m a hypocrite, like everyone else,
and thats what everybody tells,

tell me whats the difference between people n crowd,
i tell you, both are stupid,
coz a person can think but not the mob
if you had seen the riots I have, you would agree,

then by my people i mean,
my people, my countrymen
who only know a little,
may God bless us all equal,

with great power comes great responsibility,
i don't need to be stung by an 8 legged,
to understand that,
so i write by the powers that be,
i use it to empower
the powerless*

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