Friday, January 05, 2007


When I meet you,
I feel like I just met myself,
But you shall not be like me,
I shall guide you, so that when time comes you won't need my help,W
When I speak to you,
sometimes i feel like you are saying my thoughts,
I hope you will not turn out like me,
coz i had to work really hard for everything I sought,
There's a storm in my mind,
But I feel like u r the one with a mangled home,
I wish I could take away all that you weather,
Instead I decide to leave this stranger alone,

I tell you to focus on the things that matter,
Coz sooner or later these friends will scatter,
You will pour your heart out and at the end of the day,
you think all night if they would find 2 words to say,
so you ask how do i know this,
I tell you coz I have been through all you go through,
I m a loner I hope u r not,
hang on now can't abort,
Inspire yourself, coz this life is to be won,
Eventhough you shall forever remain unforgiven*

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