Sunday, October 08, 2006

Can You hear me?

Can You hear me?
Before I wasn’t but now I speak so clearly,
Everybody’s trying to push me now,
What should I do for You to be around,
But if You could only,
I m like the wind nothing can hold me,
My father told me,
God’s favorites have a hard time,
After all I have been through I can’t say I m all fine,
You said God “ I shall never forsake thee
I have engraved thee on the palms of my hand”
So where are You God coz alone I stand,
Why have You forsaken me? Coz I ran
Through hell without a friend,
I m going crazy in my mind,
Tell me I demand when will it be my time,
A true heart, shouldn’t that account for something,
My life has been like now or nothing,
I control myself but so much pain,
I feel like me against everybody once again,
I just wanna keep my sanity,
Everybody’s tryin to get at me,
Or is it so that You are mad at me,
If that’s the case give me that moment of clarity,
Do I have to go against everybody to be free,
Or is it me just trying to be me,
Even Moses had to go against his own kind,
Do I have to go through this only to know what I find,
The other side will be much better,
This aint blasphemy, This is a letter,
Just a few questions I had to ask You , God,
You already know where this is coming from*

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