Sunday, May 07, 2006

Cherish the pain

This is world is like a prison
I was dead, now I have risen,
What I want to do is just the opposite to
What they want me to do, I wanna break free,
Only if I could count more than three,
The chains of compulsion are holding me,
They try and can’t stop molding me,
I want to be myself, only if this anger could help,
My fist turns red, the wall is still left to,
Pain is mandatory, anger is what helps,
Staring down the sun, it feels the scorching heat,
While I let off a little steam,
This is like a bad dream, that I see everyday,
May be someday I shall run away,
Morning is dark like the night passed by,
May be someday I will get the answers to questions why,
Rage is nirvana for the youth,
Swallow the false, spit the truth,
Coz nothing is what it seems,
In the laughter the conscience screams,
Crying out loud when they told you to maintain silence,
In your every smile there is a little violence,
Swallow the fear, fight till the end,
End is near so better learn to defend

1 comment:

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