Sunday, June 17, 2007

Calibres of an educated fool

Yes I remember I was in school,
teachers tryna make me learn
I barely understand,
what was the moral of the story
they would ask?
I wouldn't listen coz i was sitting last,
its more than a chapter of my past,

I always would stand out in the crowd,
not bcoz i was proud,
I could never relate to what my peers thought,
or what my teachers taught
teachers said i would amount to nothing,
but i guess i did learn something,
otherwise i wouldn't be writing this,
may be subconsciously,
coz consciously i didn't make an effort,
but now does it really matter

my parents put me through every teenagers nightmare,
cant really say i liked that,
but anyways it made me the person i m,

NO i ain't rich as i would like,
but there's way to go and anything is possible,
coz i m still breathing,
i ain't a quitter and I ain't leaving,
And I m a man and alone I stand,
i ain't got no ice on my arms,
no keys on my palm,
But i guess its all good
Coz i never let my studies
interfere with my education*

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